Web Content Management to Empower Your Digital Success: Rapidly create and deliver dynamic digital content experiences that boost your brand, increase engagement, and drive revenue.

At Clickability we apply our in-depth understanding of digital marketing and publishing trends and practices into the capabilities of our platform.  We know that online publishers are challenged to keep up with a rapidly evolving digital landscape and that digital success in today’s world means:

  • Creating engaging visitor experiences
  • Driving content consumption
  • Developing lasting customer relationships
  • Creating satisfaction, affinity and advocacy with audiences

We met all our original goals. We deliver high volumes of content with no downtime, and we have near-instantaneous dynamic publishing—it’s precisely what we were looking for.

Clickability provides the utmost control and flexibility for online publishers

Clickability’s innovative platform empowers content authors to publish more content across more channels – FASTER, and to create compelling visitor experiences that drive long lasting customer relationships and new revenue streams.  Our platform also seamlessly integrates with other marketing systems, relieving extra burdens on IT resources while enabling publishers to streamline their overall business processes and objectives.

Authoring & Editing

Authoring and Editing

Publish high volumes of content across multiple channels swiftly, with agility, and without workflow bottlenecks.

  • Maximize every asset. Clickability knows the importance of content.  Our robust platform is designed to help you maximize every asset, re-using and repurposing it across all channels to meet your demanding audience’s need for more content faster.

  • Manage large libraries of content quickly and efficiently.  Our intuitive visual interface is purpose-built so that non-technical users can manage large libraries of content easily, supporting publishing operations of any scale.

  • Publish more content across more channels faster.  Our content and design workflows let online publishers rapidly and efficiently create and update content, and edit layouts and templates.  Clickability removes bottlenecks and IT dependencies with our feature-rich and intuitive content management solution designed for non-technical users.  At Clickability we support high-throughput, high-volume publishing for customers publishing thousands of pieces of new content per day. 

  • Flexibility to support teams of any size in any location.  Clickability offers the robustness and scalability to support teams of any size – from tens to thousands of users.  Granular user, group and role management capabilities mean each user has access to their content, and only their content.  Because we use a SaaS delivery model, your users can access the platform from anywhere so you have support for teams distributed around the world. 
Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies

Experiment with revenue models, leverage those that are the most effective, and drive your digital business growth. 

  • Evolve and Innovate with Clickability.  Clickability empowers online publishers to efficiently create and deliver dynamic digital content experiences that boost their brand, increase engagement, and drive conversions.  Analytics provide website and visitor data, and the option to integrate with broader third-party analytic tools, enables continuous evolution of website strategies. Personalization and dynamic content capabilities based on visitor demographic, behavioral, and other profile data, let publishers create engaging interactive experiences.
  • Leverage your assets across more channels.  Why spend extra time and resources creating content for multiple sites, devices, branded websites, product lines and regional language sites? With Clickability you can publish and reuse content and even translate with efficiency all from one platform.
  • Experiment with new revenue models.  Clickability’s flexibility and efficiency allows you to experiment with new models for monetizing your content and your audience.  Publishers can experiment with paid content, subscriptions, unique advertising and sponsorships, native apps, integrated subscription management.  Focus on what works, move on from what doesn’t.
  • Align website with goals?  Whatever your focus – developing new streams of revenue, awareness, brand loyalty, or more, Clickability provides tools to help you achieve your business goals.  Engage your visitors through comments, ratings, polls and surveys and increase traffic with our SEO optimization tools, microsites, blogging and social media capabilities.  With Clickability you can experiment and innovate, using our analytics to test which content is working and modify your campaigns to achieve your business goals.
Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience

Bring your content and audience together in a rich, high quality, differentiated digital experience. 

  • Create compelling, differentiated experiences.  With our platform power and flexibility, anonymous profiling and ability to deliver targeted content based on profile criteria, Clickability helps you create the right customer experience for each website visitor.  We understand that consumers have choices and provide online publishers with the tools they need to tailor content to demanding and website visitors.
  • Drive relevancy of the content experience.  Clickability provides actionable information about who is visiting your website and what they are doing once they get there.  Rich profiling combined with dynamic and targeted content capabilities mean that you can drive the relevancy of the content experience.
  • Optimize the mobile experience.  Today more than 50% of traffic is typically coming from mobile devices.  Clickability fully supports responsive design, publishing to native apps and creating unique mobile web experiences.  The platform automatically detects when a visitor is using a mobile device and either directs them to a mobile version of the site or passes information to the template that can be used to display mobile-specific content. 
  • Create and iterate.  The Clickability platform allows for continuous refinement and improvement of the visitor experience.
Media IT

Technology and IT

Enjoy Clickability’s maximum scalability, security, reliability, and performance and easily automate content workflow with your other publishing systems.

  • Integrate seamlessly to drive efficiencies.  Clickability’s flexible platform offers a wide range of integration options with third-party marketing and business solutions.  Out-of-the-box integrations with Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo and other CRM/Marketing Automation services can also be customized and extended to meet your specific needs.  We also offer online video platform integrations and social media integrations so that you can successfully execute your multidimensional digital strategies.
  • Scalable, high-performance platform can meet the spiky traffic of media sites.  We built our infrastructure to be robust.  Our two geographically diverse active/active datacenters offer all-inclusive uptime of 99.999+%, and we don’t exclude maintenance windows from this calculation.  Our state-of-the-art hardware ensures high performance throughout the delivery process and each data center on its own is capable of handling 100% of the traffic.  Clickability has built two world-class data centers which means that your IT organization doesn’t need to build and maintain costly infrastructure or worry about performance and scalability. 
  • Security to protect your brand online.  Clickability’s “defense in-depth” approach to security uses multiple techniques to mitigate the risk of one component being compromised.  Our Technical Operations team has an established Information Security Policy designed to protect our infrastructure and your content.  Our world-class infrastructure and operations mean that IT no longer has to manage compliance requirements.

Leading financial services firms with the strictest compliance and security requirements trust Clickability.  Releasing financial data is easy with Clickability’s parallel development, staging and production environments that let our customers test confidential information in a secure and protected environment before it goes live. We ensure the total security of unpublished earnings information.

  • Optimal and fast content experiences.  Our high-performance, reliable infrastructure ensures optimal content experiences for your visitors regardless of where they are and what device they are watching on.


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