Clickability is a leading software-as-a-services (SaaS) Web Content Management platform that empowers marketers and online publishers to succeed.

Our customers can efficiently create, manage and publish content globally to any device; track and personalize visitor experiences; and implement web-based branding, social media, and demand generation campaigns. 

Clickability's feature and function-rich technology incorporates innovative Web Content Management (WCM) and digital marketing Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA) capabilities with robust Website development and delivery infrastructure for a powerful, easy-to-use platform that empowers marketers and publishers to provide impactful content experiences.

I’ve worked with some of the biggest, most expensive installed CMS applications. Clickability is efficient, fast, and flexible. In twelve years in the business, I’ve never experienced anything like it.


Content Management

Clickability Web Content Management features make it easy for non-technical users to create, edit and manage content.  

  • Flexible content types including -Text field, HTML field, human readable URLs, complex and list field options, content hierarchies and categorization for single line, big text, specific size or character count fields
  • Customizable workflows streamline tasks and reduce manual effort - Multiple targets and schedules, multiple content types, workflow divisions, workflow assignment by managers, custom views, integrated search
  • Asset management with versioning and history to manage large content libraries  -Create, import and edit metadata, versioning and content comparison, edit while content is still live

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Digital Marketing

Whether your focus is rapid content creation across one or more brands, products or service lines, creating compelling visitor experiences while capturing and qualifying leads, or developing new revenue streams, our suite of marketing features helps accomplish your goals.

  • SEO optimization tools to increase your visibility - Search friendly URLs, editor access, meta keyword and more from within the platform
  • Subscriber management capabilities support your marketing campaigns - Visitor profiles, site subscription & user registration, multiple mailing list management, Recurring mailings and alerts, subscriber password encryption
  • Content targeting designed to turn websites into websites demand generation engines - Anonymous visitor identification, first click content targeting, dynamically generated pages for each visitor, lead scoring
  • Personalization to drive impactful visitor experiences - Visitor segmentation, progressive profiling, detailed visitor data access via templates
  • Campaign tracking to identify and track which campaigns deliver visitors to your site



Publishing and Delivery

  • Multichannel publishing to reach your audience across multiple websites, brands, devices and languages all from one platform - Mobile device detection, multi-lingual content entry, responsive design, content reuse.
  • Bring content management efficiencies like workflow and content audits to social media content - Facebook Connect, user-generated content, blogs

Web Development

Robust and flexible developer tools speed development and innovation.

  • Powerful template language to delivery dynamic websites - Velocity templating language, Eclipse IDE plug-in, syntax highlighting, version control
  • Mobile device detection so you can publish to any device - Responsive design, mobile browser detection, out-of-the-box syndication to deliver content to a variety of readers, flexible design and content reuse
  • Developer tools to debug and troubleshoot - Page generation summaries, template call hierarchies, template logging, referenced objects and referenced object counts
  • Seamless out-of-the-box and customizable third-party integrations and interoperability - Browser, template and platform level integrations via API, CDN integrations, Social media service integrations, CRM and Marketing Automation system integrations, SSO/Security integrations via SAML
  • Online video integrations to support your online video publishing needs - Integrate with Limelight Orchestrate Video platform
  • Out of the box connectors to load feeds from other locations into Clickability - Clickability Content Connector to import content and media, bulk or scheduled ongoing jobs

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