Clickability’s 100% SaaS platform was built to empower non-technical users to create content, while liberating IT departments from the operational challenges of managing and delivering it.

Clickability offers a powerful and flexible approach for today’s marketers and publishers tasked with publishing and managing content globally, personalizing customer experiences, integrating campaigns across multiple channels, and swiftly implementing new marketing initiatives.  Clickability is so powerful and easy-to-use that even very small technical teams can support large scale and large scope websites.

Several of our customers run large scale web operations with less than two technical employees to support them.  In fact we have one customer who doesn’t have any technical employees supporting their Clickability website containing 4,000 content items in 11 different languages, and another customer whose two technical resources support an 8-figure online business covering 40 websites.

Clickability was the only SaaS solution with the infrastructure and service levels we require. The live data centers, technical account management processes, and support SLA were critical in our decision to choose Clickability.


WCM Application

Clickability‘s leading Web Content Management platform enables marketers and online publishers to efficiently create, manage and publish content globally to any device.  The easy-to-use platform offers comprehensive, constantly advancing capabilities that empower customers to successfully execute their digital strategies with agility.  As a result, they can rapidly create and deliver dynamic digital content experiences that boost their brand, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

100% Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 

Clickability is a pure SaaS solution.  Our browser-based capabilities give enterprise marketers and online publishers a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use solution for publishing and managing content globally, personalizing customer experiences, integrating campaigns across multiple channels and swiftly implementing new marketing initiatives. 

Our SaaS model means that that customers benefit from continuous and rapid innovations and are liberated from IT maintenance, overhead and hidden costs and lengthy implementation times. 

At Clickability, our customers are never on obsolete software.  We push updates to our platform multiple times per quarter so that we can meet current and future customer needs.

We pushed 10 upgrades and enhancements in 2013 alone!  We maintain our rigorous upgrade cycle, but you have the flexibility to adopt it at your own pace.

With our browser-based capabilities, customers can access Clickability whenever and wherever they want to.  We support geographically distributed teams just as easily as we support a few employees working from home.  And, our SaaS infrastructure means that we can support one or thousands of users per customer.

Not only do our customers save time and money from using our infrastructure instead of building and maintaining their own, but they also enjoy the economies of scale that come from our multi-tenant SaaS architecture. 


Intuitive Visual Interface for non-technical users

Clickability lets non-technical users edit
content with ease through an intuitive visual interface.  Clickability provides an agile environment for executing successful digital strategies by removing time-consuming constraints and dependency on IT resources.  

Marketers and publishers are empowered to create and update content, edit layouts and templates and easily publish across multiple channels all while ensuring the most compelling customer experience possible.  Creating content is easy with bulk edit, in-page editing, easy drag-and-drop ordering, versioning and edit-while-live capabilities.


Robust Content Management capabilities for managing large volumes of content easily

Configurable content types, flexible workflows, content hierarchies and categorization combined with configurable views and navigations make it easy to efficiently publish and manage large volumes of content.


Streamline publishing tasks with scheduling and workflow features

Built-in scheduling features reduce manual effort and streamline processes.  Clickability understands that our customers have different needs.  Our workflow features let you structure and streamline content authoring and production to meet your business needs.

Learn more about Clickability's Features and Capabilities.

Website Development

Robust and powerful web development tools

Clickability encourages customer independence and wants every developer working on a Clickability website to innovate and succeed.  We offer a rich set of developer tools so that developers are free to create and launch websites completely on their own, and with ease within Clickability.

  Our powerful template language is coded in
  Java and uses the Velocity scripting language. 
  Clickability extends Velocity with custom,
  proprietary libraries to expose application
  data, objects and methods.  Velocity is a Java-
  based template engine that provides a simple
  yet powerful template language to reference
  objects defined in Java code.  It gives
  developers an easy way to leverage the power
  of Java without actually having to write Java
  code.  With Velocity, developers create
  templates with tags for dynamic information,
  formatting and business logic about how to
  display the page.

  Each website can be accessed in three distinct environments – development, staging and production – that share the same content repository.  This means that when a content item is updated, users have the option to make the changes visible only within the development and/or staging environment if they choose. 

Clickability’s comprehensive developer tool set includes Template Editing Tools, Version Control and Developer Diagnostic Tools that let developers perform standard template editing operations and facilitate powerful template development while retaining a complete version history of template changes and powerful diagnostic tools in order to debug and troubleshoot. Clickability also provides an Eclipse IDE plugin that lets developers create templates in a rich editing environment that is familiar to them.

Learn more about Clickability's Developer Tools.


Top brands trust Clickability

Clickability delivers the infrastructure to power your digital marketing strategies.  We have two active/active, geographically diverse datacenters that power our WCM and deliver your website content. 

Our infrastructure is built to be secure, reliable, scalable and high-performance, with all-inclusive uptime performance of 99.999+% -- and we don’t exclude maintenance windows from our calculation.  To achieve this high level of availability, we run two geographically diverse datacenters in active/active mode so that customer websites are delivered live from both data centers at the same time.  Either datacenter on its own is capable of handling 100% of the traffic, with plenty of overhead.  We use state-of-the-art hardware to ensure high performance and reliability throughout the delivery process and employ monitoring and strict security procedures to ensure the highest level of reliability and security. 

Read more information on our Security, Reliability, Scalability and Performance.


Digital Marketing and Personalization

Clickability helps enterprise marketers get the right content to the right people at the right time.  With Clickability Website Marketing Acceleration (WMA) you can dynamically control the content presented to website visitors to better engage audiences and drive conversions.  The technology is innovative but the recipe is plain vanilla – getting the right content to the right people to drive leads through the marketing funnel and fill the sales pipeline.  And to do it affordably. 

Our WMA solution lets you control the content presented to website visitors, serving content to visitor segments such as job function, industry or company size and individual visitor behavior on the website.  It includes powerful capabilities for data tracking, campaign tracking, lead scoring, mapping interests and segments to relevant content and progressive profiling.  This robust functionality profiles visitors from first page view and targets content from the first page view.  And that’s not all – our WMA is just as flexible as our WCM and integrates with your other marketing automation and CRM systems to create an even more powerful, end-to-end marketing engine.


Integration and Interoperability

At Clickability, we apply our deep understanding of digital marketing trends and practices into the capabilities we build into our platform.  We know that marketing strategies are multi-dimensional and that Web Content Management is one tool in today’s marketing toolbox.  Clickability was built for flexible and seamless integrations with the ecosystem of digital marketing solutions. 

Our developer tools focus on easy integrations with other IT and marketing systems to help improve internal efficiencies and align your marketing processes and objectives.  We know that no website exists completely independent from third party integrations – in fact most sophisticated websites have dozens of third-party integrations.

Clickability Template and Platform level integrations rely on Clickability Velocity tags to enable a variety of run-time integrations on the site, while high performance, tightly- coupled integrations occur at the API level via Java or SOAP interfaces. For Java developers, Clickability offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java 6.0. The SDK allows developers to use a Java environment to code against Clickability, performing tasks such as creating, editing, loading, and saving content, creating events, adding comments or ratings, and creating website visitor profile information.

For non-Java developers, Clickability APIs are accessible as Web services, via SOAP. We publish WSDL documents describing all accessible function calls for both APIs, allowing users to write their own SOAP messages against Clickability, or use SOA tools such as webMethods to generate stubs to develop against in your preferred language.

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